ZEN: DIY Garden Project No. 1

I love the feel and sight of plants around my home.  It's cozy and warm all at the same time.  But here in the metro, space is such a luxurious ambition.  And so we try to maximize our space and give it a green touch as much as we can.  For a while, our pocket … Continue reading ZEN: DIY Garden Project No. 1


3 Tough Questions to Face in Starting a Business

I have started a number of businesses in fashion, beauty and wellness but I never said it was easy.  These business startups were triggered by different reasons.  Some out of curiosity, some for motivation, and some because of interests. All my businesses started differently as well.  Some by impulse, some with a solid plan and … Continue reading 3 Tough Questions to Face in Starting a Business

What’s stopping you?

Have you had that moment when you got an idea and wanted to start a business?  Or that horrible day at work when you feel like you've had it and wanted to start something on your own? Or perhaps a conversation with a friend who made it big in the business world that inspired you to think … Continue reading What’s stopping you?