When times get rough

Have you ever had that moment when you just want to finally give up? When all the years of hardships, struggles, time and effort seem to no longer matter? When all you wanted is to just stop and thought maybe it's not really meant to happen?  I did.  Not just one moment but several times!  … Continue reading When times get rough


Dream with Purpose

Dreams reflect a fulfillment of purpose.  It is more than acquiring an asset or a property. It is more than having a piece of priced jewelry, equipment or vehicle.  Sometimes a dream is a legacy you want to leave when you are gone.  Sometimes it is intangible, like an inspiration to be better or live better. … Continue reading Dream with Purpose

3 Tough Questions to Face in Business Startup

I have started a number of businesses in fashion, beauty and wellness but I never said it was easy.  These business startups were triggered by different reasons.  Some out of curiosity, some for motivation, and some because of interests. All my businesses started differently as well.  Some by impulse, some with a solid plan and … Continue reading 3 Tough Questions to Face in Business Startup

What’s stopping you?

Have you had that moment when you got an idea and wanted to start a business?  Or that horrible day at work when you feel like you've had it and wanted to start something on your own? Or perhaps a conversation with a friend who made it big in the business world that inspired you to think … Continue reading What’s stopping you?

My Blogging Story

It's been a while since I had the urge to start a blog but had a lot of reservations due to the time and effort it may require. For some time I just cruised through the internet finding answers to my thoughts.  Until finally one night, while my baby was asleep and my husband was … Continue reading My Blogging Story